Wednesday BARB UP March 14, 2018

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Today, students walked out of their schools for 17 minutes. To honor the 17 who lost their lives at Parkland one month ago.

I stood in front of the school building where my daughter attends school, waiting for the 3000-strong student body to return. I’d been told by the school’s guidance counselor that every student was walking out today, March 14. Every child had returned to school with a parent permission slip to walk out. There were just four police officers stationed on the South and North, West and East corners of the street. Two high schools that are buttressed, one street between them. The Vice-Principal of my daughter’s school standing out front, several counselors and teachers as well. Surprisingly, few parents. Maybe ten women, Moms, I suppose. At about 10:45, I started to hear, in the distance, the rally cry of legions of teenagers: “No More Silence and No Violence.” Battle lines drawn. And then, the waves upon waves of children, from some of the nearby schools, walking towards where I stood, returning to what is hopefully their safety zone.

I was so proud to be standing there.

These children? Across the nation? They are the future. I’m so proud to tell you that I’m With Them.

designed by Xavier Schipani

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Bozoma Saint John: “I want white men to look around in their office and say, ‘Oh look, there’s a lot of white men here. Let’s change this.”

Cindy Gallop: “Female founders get the enormous market that is women’s needs, wants and desires historically deemed too taboo to address in business (plus, tap that huge primary market and you tap a huge secondary market of extremely happy men).”

Samantha Power is hopeful.

But others are not.

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Deanna Lawson.

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