Friday BARB UP March 16, 2018

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I started writing this yesterday but the day got away from me. Like, within moments. And it started early in the day, as I had an appointment at 9am, in Soho, which meant I needed to leave my apartment by 8:15. I ran errands. I got my haircut. I checked in on my Mom (via phone). I made calls. I did all those things you do when you have a mental checklist of things to accomplish. I walked home from Times Square in flat shoes, never a good idea, but the air was so crisp, I wanted to feel it on my skin for the 45 minutes it would take to walk to my home. The day just slipped by. Yet, if I don’t work on BARB, I feel something is simply missing. So…some highlights:

  • *On Monday, I wore pink. The Teenager and I were gifted with tickets to see Mean Girls, on Broadway. You don’t need to be as big a fan of the movie as we are to fall in love with this show. It’s vibrant. It’s fast-moving. It’s everything. Go see it.
  • *On Tuesday, I found myself alone in my apartment for the first time in ages and it was BLISS. For my friends out here worrying about Empty Nest Syndrome, remember to enjoy the respite.
  • *On Wednesday, my dear friend dropped his dog off for me to watch for a few days while he travels. There are so many wonderful things about being around dogs. For The Teenager, when this particular pup stays with us, it means she gets a four legged companion all to herself because this dog LOVES The Teenager most of all.
  • *On Thursday, my day was bookended by friendship.
  • *On Friday, I get to watch The Teenager perform at the Bellhouse for her first time. A one-minute sound off in the (comedy) show, I Don’t Think So Honey.

So, enjoy your Friday. You’ve got a weekend coming up. Spend the time with the people in your life you want to be around. Hug some of them. Relax, even. You’ve got this.

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