Tuesday BARB UP March 20, 2018

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Basking in the aftermath of a birthday, I am. I spent my day of ME doing the things I like. I went to the gym. I had coffee with a friend at Joe and the Juice; she brought me lipsticks and glosses and nail polishes. All things I enjoy so much. I went downtown to have lunch with another woman at Il Buco Alimentari and I had the bucatini cacio e pepe (basically, thick spaghetti with a ton of pepper, so good). I met The Boyfriend at Great Jones Spa. Some years ago, I was gifted a day at Great Jones Spa and it has since become a go-to place; there’s a compact lounge area with a wall of waterfall that can, if you’re sitting in just the right spot,  make you forget you’re in the concrete jungle. Got a massage; I haven’t had one since I hurt my back, and it felt so good. I’d forgotten how much pain I’d been in, for so long. I’d gotten used to it. And as the masseuse honed in on my lower back, stepping into the soreness, she alleviated some of it. As if her fingers were a honing device. I also enjoyed a manicure, my tiny little baby nails painted a steel grey, a color called Cheeky Noir by Londontown. Afterwards, we wandered over to the Lafayette Bakery. I got a hot chocolate, and a new necklace from Jill Platner, always a huge treat. It was a beautiful day. We walked to The Strand, oh to be in that legendary bookstore. The Boyfriend found a pair of black pug socks, which he got for me, and some cookbooks for himself. It’s important that your partner is willing to create meals for you. In my case, very much so, since I have limited culinary talent. We met two of my closest friends for dinner at Union Square Cafe. Three out of the four of us having dinner that night have now celebrated our birthdays there. Throughout the day, I received texts from my nearest and dearest, and a phone call with my Mom. Plus, the instagram post from my daughter. (LORELAI 2 MY RORY GILMORE💙💙💙💙 HBD M KARP LOVE U FOREVER). And she walked the dog!!!! All in all, a truly exquisite day. Thank you everyone for being a part of it. Here’s to a fine and snowy day.

Cynthia Nixon running for Governor of New York? Yes she has my vote.

Vivica A. Fox: “For the first time since I’ve been doing this, women are having opportunities that we would have never had — directing, producing, starring, everything. It’s a good time for us.”

Hannah Gadsby: “Blue has the flexibility to accommodate contradiction.”

Allbirds is expanding its style roster.

Allbirds. I’m a size 7.

RBG and scrunchies.

Oral health for those of us on Medicare.

And now have a laugh with Judy Gold.



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