Thursday BARB UP March 22, 2018

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It’s disappointing Facebook did what they did, allowing our data to manipulate the election. And being dicks about it. A lot of my Facebook friends are disgusted, deservedly so. A lot of my Facebook friends are holding Facebook accountable. A lot of my Facebook friends are deleting their accounts.  I am not deleting my account. For the very selfish reasons I had when I joined: I like the community I have here. A lot of the people who I am connected with on Instagram are not on Facebook and vice versa. So, there is something for me here that I don’t have on other platforms. I have at times, left Facebook. Once, in the wake of a break up, which coincided with Obama’s victory. I so very much wanted to be online, in the mix, applauding. I was off Facebook for years. And then, The Teenager came of age. And I went back on. And I’ve been on since then. I invite my Facebook friends to the monthly stand up show I produce, We Hope You Have Fun (next show is
April 9th. Get your tickets here.) It’s a delicate ecosystem we have here. It’s filled with targeted advertising. How many times do I need to see the same Coach bag I covet on my feed, just because I clicked one or ten times on that one link?  Trevor Noah did a good job of explaining the ramifications of this data breach. So. I know now, I need to amend online behavioral patterns. The good news is this: the electronic brainwashing did not influence me during the election. I knew who I was voting for—HILLARY—and I never wavered. The bad news is that the King of the Swamp won.

Gabby Giffords: “You are blazing a trail prior generations of activists could not have imagined, using social media to speak truth to power in real time in front of the world.”

Catherine McKinnon: “Shunning perpetrators as sex bigots who take advantage of the vulnerabilities of inequality could transform society. It could change rape culture.”

k.d. lang: “I think it’s karmic that I have the body and the physical appearance that I have.”

Joy Press steals the show with her book.

Meet Ruth Wakefield, the woman who invented the chocolate chip cookie.

Clear backpacks are a fashion statement, not a preventive mass shooting endeavor.

Twitter you are being very very very bad to women.

Fuck you if me saying “Fuuuuuuck” bothers you.

And now have a laugh with Joan Rivers.


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