Monday BARB UP March 26, 2018

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I walked along Columbus Avenue, emotional a moment for me. Legions of people of all ages streaming by me, holding posters. Women holding hands of daughters. Sons on shoulders of fathers. Friends, locked in arms. Strangers astride one another. All walking towards an in-point along Central Park West, an infinite non-moving conga line, heading towards the March For Our Lives. On screens in store front, stood Martin Luther King’s nine year-old granddaughter, stood student after student from Stoneman, stood the world. Our future stood before us. I couldn’t help but be emotional. In 2020, they will have the right to vote. And those millions strong? They’re going to change the future. For the better.

Taraji: “Just because I talk like that girl who was in the hood, you can’t judge me by that. ”

CJ Harris creates coolass emojis.

Oh yes, Stormy Daniels was on 60 Minutes, talking about that numnut.

I love when diet studies tell yo what you already know.

And now have a laugh with Julie Kim.


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