Wednesday BARB Up April 11, 2018

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On the subway last night, two men boarded the car I was sitting in. They were not together. They sat on the bench opposite me, however. One carried a freshly purchased bag from Shake Shack, the other nestling into a bag of blueberries. Not pre-washed, by the way. The Shake Shack fella was wearing Adidas slides with no socks, a sports jersey (Rangers, whatever), no coat and he was incredibly enthusiastic about his meal. He was done with it by the time we reached the following station, although to his credit, we were on the express track so he had some time. He seemed pleased with his meal. The other gentleman was more aware of the weather: he had layers of coat, shirt, scarf on, and one of those severely annoying Ivy caps; he was practical about his non pre-washed blueberries, picking in the bag for the one he wanted to pop into his mouth. These men fascinated me. Why couldn’t they wait until they were home to eat their meals? Why were they using the subway as their dining room table? Why, why, why? My questions in a bubble, no answers ever to be had by them. I understand when parents pull out snacks for their children; anything to stop the screeching, I say. But grown-ass humans? Come on now. Wait. Wait until you get home. Because watching someone feast on a subway is revolting.

Margaret Atwood: “Look up types of feminism. You’ll find 50 of them. Did I always see it as a story with women at the center of it? Yes. Does that make it feminist? Yes. But does that make it a particular kind of feminist? There’s no one definition of feminist. That’s why I always ask people which kind do you mean. I don’t sign blank checks, and I’d like to know what I’m signing up for.”

Jenelle Camino: “Don’t get injections in your face, don’t put up with arse holes and love yourself.”

Tracy K. Smith: “You want a poem to unsettle something.”

Cynthia Nixon: “I think that running for office has pieces of stuff that I’ve done before, like interacting with and collaborating with people, trying to get the word out about the thing that you’re doing and trying to get people interested in it. But in politics, when people come after you, they really come after you.”

Black women in crisis, particularly when it comes to their pregnancy.

Sleeping in a cargo hold. Okay then.

Have you become your Mom?

The survivors of the 2014  Boko Haram kidnapping.

A cry-a-log. Genius.



Nike. I’m a size 7 btw.

And now have a laugh with Ali Wong.


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