Tuesday BARB UP April 17, 2018

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It takes a lot of work being nice. Last year, I spoke to a room filled with college students. I told them if there was one professional  gift I could give them, it would be this: Be nice to everyone. Yes, I said thatThe power of being nice a magical trait you can carry with you along for the rest of your career. When your idiot boss is barking at you to order a tuna sandwich, not another egg salad sandwich, sure think your thoughts, but keep the smize in your eyes, listen actively, and do as your supervisor says. This is not the time to prove a point, to slam your coffee mug on the floor and say, “You suck!” That right there, would be burning a bridge, which goes hand in hand with being nice. People remember you when you voice your opinion on a project, people remember the ideas that lead to growth, people remember those of us who make a mark, as long as they aren’t rude about it, aren’t assholes about it, aren’t taking credit for other people’s work. Well, to be honest, you do remember the jerks, the people who stab each other in the back, the people who take credit for your work. But. Those who are nice? Well, nice goes a long way. Nice informs the people who work around you an insight to your character. That you will be a person they can rely on. That you will be a person they will hire again. That you are nice. Nice isn’t bland. Nice is cache. Nice is a stamp of approval. And if you practice being nice early in your life, it becomes a part of your make up, your being; it’s no longer a put on, but part of you. And how nice would that be? The college students, full of passion and vigor, doubted me at first. But as I pointed out examples of not being nice—unreturned calls, ignored emails, being short with others—that follow a person along their career, they soon started to agree with me. And so, I encouraged the students to stay true to nice. As I do to everyone, and in particular, myself.

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Ellen Pao: “For a long time, people thought that tech was this great, awesome, democratic tool for good. That was the hope and that was the messaging. And people believed it, and I think there has been a ton of good that’s come out of it, but that flip side of it being used for more nefarious purposes? People just chose not to think about it.”

Cynthia Nixon: “I think what we learned in 2016 is we can’t take anything for granted.”

Michelle Wolf: “My main objective is to do a real comedy-first, funny late night show.”

More Beychella.

If only this were true!

Fuck R. Kelly. Wait, don’t do that. He should just never be allowed near a woman ever.

A modern day Amazon Isle.

OMG the orange Allbirds are back!

Allbirds. Size 7. Get at me.

Kind of sex stuff.

Actual sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Kathleen Madigan.


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