Wednesday BARB UP April 25, 2018

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At the NYC Says Enough Rally on 4/20, The Teenager got up and spoke (watch the piece here) and reminded the audience, thousands of teenagers who walked out of their schools and gathered at Washington Square Park, that “this is a call to action for kids across America, use the voice you have.” Chills, I had. Not simply because she was telling the audience to repeat “My Voice, My Power, I Am The Change,” but because I knew that there were people in the crowd that would rise to the occasion.

A few weeks ago, a woman asked me if I had hope for the future. “Yes. Yes I do,” I told her. I have a front row seat to anger, to frustration, to the having-had-enough-of-it-all, living with a Teenager. It’s hard to miss. It seems too, to be hard for adults to remember how it felt, to access your anger, to know that there is a reason for it, to feel frustrated that you aren’t being taken seriously. To hole up in your bedroom, writing fiercely in your journal. Teens today have a public outlet to vent: the internet. Their voices are loud, man, real loud, that kind of loud that makes your prick up your ears. And here is what’s encouraging: I agree with what they have to say. And that? That gives me hope. Hope for the future.

Hillary: “It should be that if you are someone who is defining yourself by what you do and what you accomplish, and that is satisfying, then more power to you. That is how you should be thinking about your life, and living it.”

Beychella, part deux.

Michelle Dean: “Well, we are living in an explosion of women in criticism, and in a sense an explosion of criticism more generally.”

Tammy Duckworth. Wow. 

60’s era pix of Barbra Streisand.

Absolutely can not wait to see the documentary about Gilda Radner.

What is Utopia, in an art world way?

A dude gives advice to female democratic candidates. Because of course.

Boycotting smiling.

And now have a laugh with Ali Wong.



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