Friday BARB UP May 11, 2018

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Do you have a mentor? Someone who you look up to? Who guides you, or did at some point? A platonic ideal. A person that knows—seems to know—so much about the world you envision yourself in? I read a lot of memoirs and the concept, or rather reality, of people serving as beacons of example comes up over and over again, women and men who have played roles of inspiration in lives, anchors. I’ve worked in the corporate world for most of my professional life; there, I saw this occur over and over again, people serving as Rabbi’s to those around them, promoting and supporting their chosen few. I didn’t have that person, someone that laid out the rules for me to follow, someone that took me under their wing. Yes, I was hired, but often, not part of an inner circle that protected its team. When I became an executive, I made sure not only to lead, but to give guidance. To share the dollops of the business I’ve learned, the ones I could have used along the way. A mentor is a precious thing; if you have one, take a moment and thank that person. It’s possible doesn’t even know the role they have in your life.

Kamala Harris: “Can you please just answer the question?”

Ali Wong: “The idea that we are supposed to contribute income has evolved greatly since our moms’ generation—but the idea that men should share equal responsibility in child care has not evolved.”

Mayim Bialik: “I’ve decided to write more about some of those more complicated feelings.”

Kathy Griffin: “I have never pulled down my pants and crushed a young comedian’s dream.”

Molly Ringwald, on growing up in the Golden State Killer’s playground.

Choking is not play.

Another man steps down.

Gina Haspel. It’s okay to feel not-right about her.

Moms can use campaign funding for childcare. That’s so huge.

Women, suicide, fascinating.

And now have a laugh with Amber Ruffin, Jenny Hagel and Michelle Wolf.


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