Thursday BARB UP June 7, 2018

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On family.

My mother has been visiting. I prefer, in some ways, to her staying with me; our lives are so harried and complicated, finding time to see one another can be challenging. I do often grouse about her visits, how small my apartment is, how large a presence she is. But I like her here. Watching her trying to fit into the lives of her children and grandchildren, I’m struck by how difficult it might be for her. This is her family. But it’s not just the two of us, The Teenager and me. Or my brother and his brood. In fact, my mom has 8 brothers and sisters (three have passed away), most of whom live in Israel. For the past month and a half, her youngest brother (a spry 70 years young) has been staying with her in her home in Florida. He’s here too, staying in my compact apartment in New York City. And he is also her family. He has four children, a bunch of grandkids, and he is still married to his first and only love. They are her family too. My mother is fortunate in so many ways, that her family is tight and connected—not through social media—but through love and old-school telephone calling. When I came home last night, she was on the phone with one of her sisters, they were all calling each other; it was the one year anniversary of their elder sister’s passing. My mother and her sisters and brothers speak seamlessly, in a variety of languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Sibling-Speak); laughter a constant. This is her family. And it’s infectious, to be around these ocean-wide hugs. I look at my family—my daughter, my dog—and I hold them tight, every day, emotionally, they’re inside my heart. My father, my mother, they’re there too. Not with me physically every day, and in my Dad’s case, no longer walking the planet, but they’re with me, constantly, sometimes as a memory, sometimes in a conversation, but always with me; that’s family.

I didn’t know Kate Spade personally, but her suicide—the pain she felt—took my breath. RIP Ms. Spade. You gave the world the gift of your vision, in handbags and so much more.

Elizabeth Warren: “I want to open those opportunities up again for the next kid and the kid after that and the kid after that. ”

Samantha Bee. Killer class.

Sex and the City memes. Come on!

What is happening to and with Medicaid?

What is an incel and why should I be concerned?

What is a seven minute workout and can I do it?

Harry’s has a Pride razor, proceeds go to GLAAD plus other LGBTQ organizations.

Harry’s with Pride

How sublime is this dress from AG?

Sydney from from AG


And now have a laugh with Nikki Glaser.


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