Monday BARB UP July 2, 2018

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I’ve retreated for a few weeks, to find my voice again as a writer, to the beach. I remain tethered to the world, though, how can I not be? I will return to it shortly.

I leave you on this insanely warm evening with a beautiful quote from John Robin Baitz, that a friend of mine posted. It filled me with a joy and hope, a reminder to do. “Do not give in to despair, and do not give up. Too many people with less power than we have need us to fight and help to lift them up. Do not, you have no right to despair, only to fight on in the best way you know! Action. Money. Words. Art. Be present in this world, even if the world you are present in, is brutal and ruthless. Without you, it would be worse.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez victory is so exciting.

As is Cynthia Nixon’s run for Governor of New York.

Busy Phillipps: “I feel like I’m beating the system. I’m making money, I’m able to support my family and make a living and support my expensive workout habits and juice habits …”

Anna Gunn: “They may or may not be aware of the Skyler backlash. That’s incredibly gratifying. It’s men and women who connect with that. There’s been such a shift happening in society and in our consciousness that it’s really landing much more strongly now.”

On Anika Noni Rose,

Mabel Gonzalez is a hero.

The effects of saying METOO.

Carly Simon living the life.

Have you read the Second Sex?

Who has BDE?

Let’s play would you rather.

And now have a laugh with Hannah Gadsby.


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