Tuesday BARB UP July 31, 2018

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I was stuck in the paralysis of grief for most of 2016; I lost my father as well as the job that had allowed me the privilege of raising my daughter on my own. I was in denial for most of 2016 of how devastated I was, and it took the election to wake me up from my stupor. I am the most politicized I have ever been, and that includes the 90’s, when I was at the forefront of Third Wave Feminism. I used to roll my eyes anytime someone would bring up the words “policy”; now, I want to know exactly what the person is talking about and how it affects me. For us Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, who have been methodically planning for our next act (retirement is just around the corner), every single thing is at stake. This summer, I’ve spent a lot of time in Long Island. I’d forgotten how deep inside the belly of Trump country I was in. It was so disappointing, to see young men walking around proudly displaying their ratty Trump/Pence t-shirts. I thought I’d take a time out from listening Pod Save America and Five Thirty Eight; they weren’t saying anything I didn’t already know. But. No. I kept listening to my political podcasts, because I needed the reality check, the reminder. I’m home now. And things, things are just frightening. Thank goodness for Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah and of course, Samantha Bee.  The voices of reason.  I  I hear and watch other people who are as outraged, in disbelief, and as concerned as I am. It makes me feel less alone. Less crazy. Not any less frightened, but at least I’m in good company. And so are you.

Anita Hill: “If you are aware of something – you acknowledge it; you know it’s wrong; but you don’t do anything about it – it’s the same as participating in it.”

Meredith Vieira: “I think there was sexism for sure.”

Elizabeth Warren. That’s all.

Cynthia Nixon has my vote.

More on Nanette by Hannah Gadsby.

Nia Wilson.


Canoe sex is a thing.

As are vaginal laser treatments.

And now have a laugh with Rebecca O’Neal.


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