Monday BARB UP August 20, 2018

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The Teenager leaves on Sunday. So, six days. To be fair, I’m driving with her on Sunday for her college adventure. We’ll have three full days of quality time, stressed and tranquil, occurring at various moments of every hour. I’m calm, as I write this, as well as exhausted; insomnia reared her head, at 4am. I watched the finale of “The Affair,” (I’m addicted) and began watching “Strangers” on Facebook Watch. So much to consume when my brain won’t slow down. I enjoyed all of this on the couch, Rocky snoring beside me. My mother arrived Saturday, into the tornado of my living room, where I was in the midst of packing, packing for college. The Teenager has chosen to use garbage bags as receptacles for her items. At present, there are 18 bags, labelled. Pants & Jeans. Skirts. Dresses. Coats. Hoodies. There is even one bag labelled “Sports” for her LuluLemon garb. Maybe I should have called it “Fitness.” Well, there’s still time to adjust that. The Teenager chose to pack a week out, a first pass. Maybe there’ll be a second pass where she whittles the amount of Sweaters (two bags for sweaters, “Sweaters Bag 1” and “Sweaters Bag 2”); she still has to tackle shoes. Toiletries, I suspect, will go in a solid container like a box. My living room now is chaos, a mixture of these garbage bags, boxes that contain toiletries and lights, like that, and my Mother. Sleep, while elusive, is just on the horizon. Soon, soon, soon.

Also I saw “Crazy Rich Asians” and I hope you did too.


Glenn Close: “We’re flawed, conflicted creatures, and no one is perfect.”

Ophira Eisenberg: “I’ve felt, as a woman, there was an expectation I needed to perk up in the face of hard times and put a smile on. That’s completely unfair and unrealistic.”

Zephyr Teachout for AG.

I’m so bummed about the cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s show.

Asia Argento, Rose McGowan. Things are getting muddy.

People love their Birkenstocks.

And now have a laugh with Michelle Wolf.


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