Tuesday BARB UP August 21, 2018

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Countdown: 5 Days to Departure.

In addition to a living room filled with Hefty garbage bags that are stuffed with clothing, towels and other soft items, there has been the, in my mind, overwhelming task in decor. The Teenager is lucky enough to be living in a suite that has two doubles and a single, a kitchen as a common space, and a bathroom. The rooms come with a bed, a desk, a bureau. The Teenager will be in the single;, the only child living in the only room in her suite on her own. No roommate. She’s ordered posters that feature, amongst others, Beastie Boys and Spice Girls. My friends, bless them, have been at my side, offering to help, to give really, as they have been for the whole of my child’s upbringing. A mini-fridge. A lighting system. A bluetooth speaker. A projector. A Brita water filter. The Teenager’s ordered a desk lamp. A garbage pail. A hideous pink fluffy pillow. She will of course bring her computer, her books, her pillow. While she was jap-packing, I ordered a set of black bedding Twin XL, and a set of bedding with elephants on them, they were cute, whatever. We’ve gone back and forth over whether to order a twin XL comforter; I’ve been vehemently against it (cheap-o), as we have quite a few comforters in the queen size. On the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I-get-one is a space heater. Boston is colder than New York is in the wintertime. She will have oodles of layers, according to these myriad garbage bags filled with her clothing. Still. The rooms get cool. So there’s that question. What does one need in order to live on her own, without her parent? I suspect, not much. I suspect one does with what one has. All this stuff? It reminds me of when I was pregnant, getting ready for baby. My baby registry was filled with things like a nursing boppy and a bottle warmer. My mother scoffed at the frivolous nature of all these “things.” I had no idea, really, whether I needed them, I had no experience with anything baby; I was the second of my close friends to have a baby, and I just listened to the advice of my friend. She who had a baby, like me, then. I had a changing table and a diaper genie; where are those things now? I donated them to another family long ago. At the time, they were so critical to my daily routine. I’m happy I indulged. It made my day-to-day simpler, efforts with ease. And so this is the lens I’m using in prepping The Teenager’s life as a college student. With what little I have, I will give, accept. Blindly and happily.

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