Sunday BARB UP August 26, 2018

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Well. Today. We drive to Boston. Josh, The Teenager, me. Chosen family, a trio tight, connected, loyal. Josh will be behind the wheel, he always is, I can’t drive, my own phobias of highways plaguing me. One missed turn on a highway in Long Beach, California in 2004, my sleeping four-year old in the backseat, forever scarred. Never mind all that. Today, I’m with a competent and safe driver. A man who will support The Teenager and myself, has ever since he carried her up 12 flights of stairs on the day of the blackout in New York City in the early aughts. She was a toddler then. That’s how we met Josh, who we’d seen in the elevator but rarely spoke to. Her refrain at each landing “almost there, almost there” in his arms as he helped her, helped me really, in getting us home, to our apartment on the twelfth floor. He still tells that story, to anyone new in our lives, of how he met her. In the coming years, he would tend to her while she was sick, he would tickle her when she was upset, he would have an infinite array of private jokes that he shared only with her. We moved out of the building when she was five, a few blocks away. We adopted Rocky, Josh had Tucker, our dogs now part of our chosen family. My daughter and I would spend the whole of her childhood at his parents house for the big dinners: Thanksgivings and Rosh Hashanah and Seder. Through Josh, my daughter experienced family, lovingly. She learned she could depend on him, from watching him be there for her. Josh would come with me to visit my daughter in sleep-away camp and he would show up at her elementary and middle and high schools when she needed to go home in the middle of the day. They share the same birthday, August 30. He calmed her down when she was in a crisis. He lived, still does, on the top floor. I could not have gotten to this moment without him. And now here he is, 15 years later, bringing her to college. He’ll be here, in just an hour. And we’ll head to Boston. All three of us.

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