Thursday BARB UP September 13, 2018

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This is going to be a short intro; it’s election day here in New York. I will be casting my vote for the candidate I think is worthy of leading this great state of mine to prosperity and harmony: Cynthia Nixon. I hope you are registered and I hope you place your ballot for your candidate, for the one that most represents what is at the best interest of your city and your state. My fingers are crossed for us all.

Vote. Today. September 13.

Another badass: Elizabeth Warren.

Linda Bloodworth Thomason: “We are not going to stop until every last one of you is gone. We don’t care anymore if you go to jail or go to hell. Just know at some point that you are leaving.”

Cynthia Rowley fashion stuff.

Menopause may not necessarily meant weight gain.

Look after your muscles.

Juuls. Scary to some, lifeline to others.

Not for the easily grossed out, this is about a rat in a bowl of soup and how that destroyed a business.

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Maria Bamford.


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