Tuesday BARB UP September 18, 2018

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And now, here we are, the third week of classes, the start of the fourth week of The Teenager at college. This is the empty nest. Her bedroom still, save for the occasional lie-in. The updates, thankfully are frequent. I am in transition, in my adult life. Moving from one constant—my child in our home—to this other one. Living apart, but so very connected,  makes this life-change manageable. Once I became a mother, my world view shifted, I knew I was now in service to my child, happily, willingly. I still thought about myself, my personal needs, my career, that doesn’t subside, not really. But I did stop chasing the fun, I made choices that included her, I found family in friendships that provided my child with traditions like apple picking and holidays and even silly things like brunch. A focus that is grounded in this unconditional love. So simple, isn’t it, discovering that love is the answer, the salve. And that love is the calming thread that is nourishing me, comforting me as I sit in our home, no longer filled with her chatter. It keeps the missing of her manageable. All I can ask for her.

Anita Hill: “That the Senate Judiciary Committee still lacks a protocol for vetting sexual harassment and assault claims that surface during a confirmation hearing suggests that the committee has learned little from the Thomas hearing, much less the more recent #MeToo movement.”

Anita F. Hill, right, is sworn in to testify before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee on the confirmation of Judge Clarence Thomas by Chairman Joseph Biden in October 1991.CreditCreditArnie Sachs/picture-alliance — dpa, via Associated Press

Sera Gamble: “I have never subscribed to that particular kind of thing in my personal life and have enjoyed living a more unconventional life and was raised by parents who were always very adamant with me that what was most important was my mind and that relying on a man was passé thing for the previous generations. And in writing this, and rewatching all of my favorite movies, I also have hard wiring to root for the romance.”

A delightful Emmy wrap up.


A member of Pussy Riot is very very ill.

Is Christine Blasey Ford our great hope?

Okay, so these museums are perfect for selfies and blah blah blah so do we go or do we just take photos of sunsets and listen to Pavement like a goodt Gen-X’ers?

And now have a laugh with Naomi Ekperigin.


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