Friday BARB UP September 28, 2018

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So this is white male privilege, in it’s glory. Lie with tears spilling down your face. Lie knowing your peers have your back. Lie, with the women you have violated staring at you. Lie, lie, like. I am white male privilege, hear me roar. Oh, we hear you, we hear you so clearly, our ear drums are bursting, our hearts exploding, our jaws wide open. As you weigh down upon us. Well, listen to me. You can try to crush our spirit. You can try to dismantle hope eternal. You can try to steer history towards a meltdown. The legions of us out here, trying to survive? We won’t be beat. We won’t stop protesting. We won’t stop fighting you off. We will continue to march and we will continue to say NO and we will continue to stand up for ourselves. And, oh, this. The world is watching. The world is watching. The world is watching. And so are we.

Mad as hell we are.

Did you watch?

I am not a fan of the short story but Deborah Eisenberg is a master at it.

Murphy Brown is back.

And Cher is coming to Broadway.

BRCA gene stuff.

Sex stuff.

And now have a laugh with Negin Farsad.



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