Monday BARB UP October 1, 2018

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Last night, I wore one of my favorite ankle boots, a pair of denim Marios with a white chunky heel. When I first bought the boots, I was obsessed with wearing head-to-toe denim. Yep. Denim. Denim top, denim bottoms, denim shoes. Denim dresses, denim jackets, denim dusters. At the time, I was also going through a maxi dress phase; I have five denim maxi dresses hanging in my closet now. Finding denim anything was relatively seamless except for the boots. When I found the Marios, it was on another mission, searching for a pair of glitter socks, which was sold at this one shop in NoLita. There they sat, the socks as well as my denim booties. I dared not try them on; they were pricey. I picked up the socks, walked out, and immediately, bookmarked the store on my phone. The stalking commenced. I looked at them online every single day, sometimes a few times. Imagining them on my feet. How they would look with my denim overalls or that cute form fitting denim dress I got at some Soho boutique. The sheer joy of fantasizing, gluttony aside. It became an imperative, really, that disease of retail addiction so embedded, the whiff of want. Oh, that chunky white heel, the promises of it. The obsession, the obsession, the obsession. Walking into the store, the blood lust filled me, knowing this purchase was vanity, this purchase was indulgent, this purchase fulfilled my denim desire. I wore them the following day. I discovered, that while they fit so well, while they were so comfortable in the store, they were not conducive to long walks. The disappointment went into denial, and in turn, into the bowels of my closet. Last night, I wore my beloved denim boots from Marios. I discovered, this: I can no longer entertain walking in 3 inch high heels. These beautiful denim boots, coveted and revered, are now on sale at Poshmark. I hope they find feet that will love them as much as my heart does.


Joan Jett: “It’s not good enough to say, [singing her version of “Crimson and Clover”] “I don’t hardly know her, but I think I could love her”? [Pointing to the necklace] that’s not good enough. You know what I say? Eat me.”


Samantha Bee from her sadness den is truly inspiring.

Nicole Holofcener: “I think there’s sexism and racism in every business, all over the world.”

On Elayne Boosler.

Lady Bunny.

What are you making this week for dinner?

Texting with the object of your affection.

And now have a laugh with Gina Yashere.


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