Monday November 12, 2018

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Good Morning! I have returned. I will be here Mondays. Wednesdays. Fridays. Blogging. Reporting. Updating.

For the past month, I have been in a state of transience; it’s impacted my ability to be present, as a blogger. Moving, you see, is draining. In my twenties, when I lived hanging off a ledge, I moved a lot. I lived with my boyfriend for the first part of my twenties, and we settled into tranquility and demolition seamlessly. An apartment in Gramercy Park, an apartment on the Upper West Side, an apartment in Astoria. When we broke up, I lived with two roommates in Astoria. I lived with one of those roommates in Chelsea. And then I lived alone, for long stretches of time. In Greenwich Village. In the West Village on Morton Street, then further up Morton Street, then on Grove. It was on Grove street that I became a mother. In the Fall of 2003, I moved to the Upper West Side, where I raised my daughter. We lived in two apartments; it’s the second apartment, the one we lived in for the last thirteen years, that we moved out of. And now I’m here, back downtown, where I’d said I’d return to. Granted, I had hoped I could move back to the West Village, but a lottery is a lottery, and my number came up here, on the Eastern side of almost-lower Manhattan. And I appreciate every moment, every item, every aspect of where I am right now. And it’s home.

It’s sobering writing about moving in the wake of the fires decimating So Cal. I worry for my friends, who have evacuated their homes, brimming with fret in hotels, on friends couches, other places. The space you built your life in, what you call your home. I’ve just settled into my new heart, just as so many of my friends are losing theirs.

The Woolsey fires.

Barbara Lee: “Being a black woman in America, you stand out. You have to just stand your ground with what you believe in. The majority of black women do that in their daily lives all the time.”

MeToo, Globally.


Vivian Maier. The photographer. In color.

Are you in need of a good sports bra?

Or a pink sound system from Sonos?


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