Monday BARB UP January 21, 2019

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What does a feminist look like today? I’d recommend you look in the mirror. You see? There she is. She looks like you. And she believes, like you do, that women and men are of equal value. I suspect that people who subscribe to the monarchy would not agree, but they’re not American. I am. What does that value mean, in this context? It means that wage gap is based in misogyny, it means that domestic violence is based in misogyny, it means that rape is based in misogyny. And my value is as worthy as the next guy’s. He may be stronger than me physically, he may be taller than me physically, he may be able to do other physical things faster than I am, but our value as humans is equal. He may have anxiety, he may have terrible posture, he may be a vegan but we are of equal value. What does a feminist look like? She is not a man hater. She is not setting a trap. She is not divisive. She is not the embodiment of toxicity, of negativity. She is, in fact, determined to establish unity. she is an advocate for unity. What does a feminist look like? She is you, and you are in the throes of a moment of embrace, of tapping into your anger, of being vocal about it, of posting your thoughts on Instagram and Facebook and whatever other platform of your choice. You. Your voice is necessary. What does a feminist look like? She is you.

The Women’s March was this weekend. Here is my blog post from two years ago, that first March, where I stood strong with my friends. Anger, disbelief, all the things, all the things we felt.

And here are some moments from the March this past weekend.

Kamala Harris. 2020. Thank you.

Soraya Chemaly: “How many times does a woman say, ‘I’m so tired,’ because she cannot say, ‘I am so angry?’

Jill Abramson: “I think in some ways I was an improbable executive editor. I had never been a foreign correspondent. I was a relative newcomer to the Times. I only came in 1997. I was a woman. All of that made me an improbable choice.”

Loneliness affects sleep. No shit.

Take the MLK quiz.

And now have a laugh with Joyelle Johnson.


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