Thursday BARB UP February 14, 2019

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Happy Valentine’s Day. Or Galentine’s Day. Or Palentine’s Day. I will happily accept your flowers if you want to give me a bouquet.Valentine’s Day! Some of us embrace it, some of us eschew it. I’m a woman who embraces Valentine’s Day. I have always enjoyed it, even more so once I had a child (it turns out, kids love to make hearts and give it to you, the parent.) I agree, we should celebrate love every single day. I agree, Hallmark had a great marketing person in its ranks back in the day, and that person made bazillions of dollars for that brand. I agree, it’s hokey. Still. I love seeing red roses clutched in people’s hands, on their way to deliver it to their loved ones. I love seeing couples in restaurants, having the same old meal they always have at their favorite joints, using the opportunity of Valentine’s Day to have a date on a school night. I love seeing the enthusiasm of my local chocolate shoppe, its interiors wrapped in hearts and chocolate covered kisses. It makes me so happy. I love it all. So, I’ll say it again: I’m a woman who embraces Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your Thursday, whether it’s a Valentine’s Day for you or just another Happy Thursday Day.

Toni Morrison: “Another aspect of the women’s movement involved strong encouragement of women to support other women. Not to have one’s relationship to another woman be subordinate to a relationship with a man. That is, the time spent with a female friend was not downtime. It was real time.”

Mo’Nique: is a badass but we know that already.

It’s a year since Parkland. 

I’m ready for the Lorena Bobbit doc.

Draw something for your loved one!

These. I am so coveting.

From Vince.

And now have a laugh with Jo Firestone.


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