Thursday BARB UP May 2, 2019

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I don’t need to be a perfect mom. What is perfection, anyway, other than a set up for disappointment, that unattainable ideal, that nugget of nonsense?

I don’t need to be my child’s friend. She will have so many of those, I have enough of those, I just need to be her parent.

I just need to be her parent. Her Mom, her person, her family.

I will have her back, I will always have her back, I will always, always, always have her back.

I will love her. I will always love her. I will always love her unconditionally.

I will support her in her ideas and thoughts and endeavors and all the colors in between and surrounding. I will give her guidance when asked, I will give her notes when asked, I will do as asked.

I will occasionally lose my temper, lose my job, lose my way.

I will say yes to things and I will say no to others.

I will burn toast too.

I will be flawed, I will be learning how to be a Mom as we grow older, together.

And through all this and more, I will know this one thing:

I am her mom.

Ana Gasteyer: “In some ways, the conversation about women in competition is a complicated one, and an uncomfortable one, especially for women of our generation—because we’ve both been asked to compete and concurrently to pretend that it’s not important to us.”

Ayanna Pressley: “Don’t dare invoke one of the darkest days of terrorism in MY city to stoke fear and derail a meaningful conversation about fundamental rights & what justice looks like for the 1000s of black & brown folks who are stripped of their liberty & civic participation for minor offenses.”

Jamie Stelter: “Do you know how many times in four months—let alone four days, four hours even—a woman who wants to be pregnant counts the moments until she could possibly be pregnant again?”

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