Wednesday BARB UP May 22, 2019

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It’s already Wednesday. The weeks whizzing by. I was almost surprised when I woke up today, realizing the weekend is just a few days away. I feel like I was just inside my weekend, half of it enjoying the sun, gazing at the East Side River, dog on my lap, drink at my side, Sally Rooney in my hands; the other half, bedridden with a cold, knocked me out, a rare event, capped off with that finale, the big one, the one that fans of fantasy will cite evermore, why, why did the Queen have to be the one to go mad? And now, now it’s Wednesday. A long weekend ahead, a joy, really, to know that you have a legitimate excuse to lounge instead of search for things, things that you’d be a good fit for, things that would fit well on you. I like the long breaks from work life, if only to feel at ease with relaxation. For now, it’s just the middle of the week, a long day ahead, tomorrow, an even longer day, and Friday, well, I’ll get to that, won’t I, at the rate this week is going, I may as well blink and it will be here, at my fingertips. So. Enjoy your day. Hug someone.

Busy Phillipps: “We need to be as loud as they are, but with the truth. That’s the only thing we have. For me it includes people standing up and saying, “I am that one in four.” It doesn’t matter why, when, or how old you were.”

Paulina Porizkova: “While I am, at times, proud to look my age, when someone on social media calls me a wrinkled hag, I have to do a lot of slow breathing. ”

Maxine Waters sees Ben Carson.

Kamala Harris, and other Dems, want to invest in women’s health care. Natch.

Sherri Shepherd cut sugar out of her diet, and she’s much healthier now. I can vouch for this method. In 2016, I went off sugar for a year. Changed my life. I am eating sugar again, and I can see the change it has had, on my energy level, my softness, the rate of my migraines; it’s made everything worse, again. This article about Sherri Shepherd (plus the aforementioned) is a good reminder to re-start my no-sugar regimen.

If you like to hike, and you’re looking for shoes, check out this thorough guide!

So what about your meds?

And now have a laugh with Janelle James.




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