Wednesday BARB UP July 3, 2019

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I’m not a curmudgeon, so, keep that in mind as you read today’s post.

I don’t like large gatherings of people, I don’t like sitting in a circle of five or more adults, I don’t like small talk. I *hate* this question as an opener: So what do you do? What do I DO? I mean, I DO a lot. I take care of my dog. I raise my child. I blog. I DO a lot. The better, and more specific question ought to be: So how is it that you pay your rent? Of course, that honest approach to your economic and professional status feels a bit direct, but I prefer that to the gauge on your status of “What do you do?” I prefer to hang with my friends, over a meal, and just kibbitz. If I’m asked to do more than that, I will, of course, but it’s more than likely I won’t be the person running the table, talking over people; I’ll be the person quietly absorbing all the chatter around me, occasionally doling out a barb or two, as well as clearing dishes, bringing out the next course. And I absolutely won’t be inquiring about someone’s professional status on first blush. There’s a better way to assess who the stranger is beside you, and that falls along the lines of, “What are you reading?” What are you listening to?” “What did you think of the Fleabag?” That to me, is a more personal way in and out of any social situation. For me to leave my apartment, I do it for necessity: pick up groceries, walk the dog, see my persons. It’s not an age thing, I’ve always been this way. Seeking a connection with someone. And really, that’s what I’m interested in, that person who I am going to grab a slice with and be a part of their day as they are about mine. So on this Fourth of July, I’ll be doing just that, hanging with a small crew, watching Stranger Things, and quite possibly, the fireworks. Enjoy your Fourth, and stay away from the loud things.

Elizabeth Warren: “The fight we are in started with women and it will end with women. We won’t back down until we make this economy and our government work for us and for our loved ones.”

Christine Lagarde: “Whenever the situation is really, really bad, you call in the woman.”

Donatella Versace: “At some point, you understand you need help. But at the moment, I feel totally full of life.

Letitia James is a badass.

Robin Thede is bringing her “A Black Lady Sketch Show” to HBO. YES.

Ice creeeeeam!

And now have a laugh with Joyelle Nicole Johnson.



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