Wednesday BARB UP July 24, 2019

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All the things I do when I am avoiding the things I have to do like, write this dang book proposal:
  1. 1. Stare at these plaid boots, which I can’t afford.
  2. 2. Listen to the How Did This Get Made podcast.
  3. 3. Check out the recaps on Vulture.
  4. 4. Look at my RockythePug Instagram.
  5. 5. Surf Amazon for random things to order that I don’t need.
  6. 6. Job search on LinkedIn.
  7. 7. Read my book (latest is Maybe You Should Talk To Someone).
  8. 8. Instagram rabbit hole.
  9. 9. Re-watch the most recent Seth Meyers.
  10. 10. Nap
So there you go. Am I in need of retail therapy rehab? A computer break? A wilderness adventure? I think not. I just need to get to work.

Lake Bell: “…What I find about labor and birth is it’s the most extraordinary ordinary thing, because every motherfucker goes through it.”

What is going on at Planned Parenthood, aside from them ignoring my resume when I applied for a job there?

Sugar, sugar.

Sleep some more.


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