Wednesday BARB UP August 14, 2019

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Hello to you on this balmy New York Wednesday. Putting up BARB on this slowed-down schedule has been, in its own way, stressful. Knowing there are so many things happening in the world of women, often missing them, links not going up, like that. Still. I’m in the thick of it, this summer time wooze-iness. Every morning, every afternoon, every evening delivers another set of *things* and the things I like to do, I want to do, I am accustomed to doing gets put on the backburner. What was once a staple in my life is non-existent and it hurts; it’s a reminder that in the tumult of the day, things get lost. I’m working furiously on a writing project that I believe in. And then there is everything else, the personal as well as the political. I’m here though, I’m here. Not putting up BARB weighs on me.And yet I know it’s necessary, to be on this schedule, using Instagram instead to post things I find as I’m scrolling through feeds. So stick with me. I’m thinking of you.

Stacey Abrams: “I know that, as an ally, I’m responsible for making certain that the L.G.B.T.Q. community is seen and heard.”

Tressie McMillan-Cottom: “Almost all the black women I know personally in my life right now are living amazing lives. I look around at us and we are self-actualizing. People are running businesses. We have all this language to live our best life and people are feeling comfortable in their skin. They don’t have to straighten their hair for work anymore. Our makeup comes in all colors; we’ve got Fenty, for G-d’s sake.”

Director Leslye Headland on Russian Doll, which she directed.

A nice piece about a women’s shelter.

The view from here is sexy.

It’s about time METOO hits the Wall Street.

Broadway powerhouses, behind the scenes.

And now have a laugh with Dulce Sloan.


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