Tuesday BARB IN 2020 January 28, 2020

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When I first started blogging, I also kept a log of Three Good Things, that I recorded at night, a reminder of the three things that may have occurred to me throughout my day, that day. It dropped off sometime in 2017. The other night, I found the journal in which I recorded those three daily things and it brought me so much happiness; I decided to start doing it again. It’s not always easy; there are days when I’m engulfed by the negative. But there’s always some gem. Some nugget that made me smile, or feel good in my moment. A nap will qualify as a good thing. A lunch with a friend will qualify a good thing. A bitch session on the couch with The Teenager always qualifies as a good thing. Yesterday, my day started with the great good thing of bumping into my girlfriend on the way to the place I’m working at at the moment. I adore her, her smile lit up the stretch where we were, Madonna playing overhead as we were standing beneath a marquee. The other good thing was a positive visit to the doctor, there’s always that wonderful news that things are well, and finally, I started the beginning of the wrap up of getting my college degree (there’s so much more to that, for another post). If I think about my day as a cavalcade of mush, that won’t make for a positive outlook. But if I can pinpoint moments that are highlights, that helps push my towards my positivity, and that, that’s my moment of happy. And I want to keep that feeling close to me, all day, and all night.

Alicia Keys.

Maria Bamford: “I think sometimes I get into the ethical anxiety about taking space up in the world.”

Carmen Machado: “In an ideal world, both the body and the home would be safe. With domestic abuse, neither the body or the home are safe.”

The Bluest Eye came out fifty years ago.

American Dirt is on my reading list. Also Oprah’s.

Have you broken up with a therapist ever?

Now have a laugh with Chloe Hilliard.


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