July 10, 2020, a Rainy New York Friday

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It’s raining here today in New York City and I’m enjoying watching the rainwater splatter into my apartment, my windows open. It’s the first Friday in five weeks that I haven’t logged on to my Baruch email account, Baruch where I have returned to college to finally, finally, finally graduate, get my degree and move on to what could be next for me. It’s the next-stage plan. Because THIS stage plan is not working, not working at all. Work being the operative word, as I need to work, I need to work to take care of myself, of my daughter, of our dog. My mother too. There is a stage-plan for every stage of life; where you are in your thirties you won’t be there in your forties. By your fifties, if you’re not partnered up, and you’re on your own, or have people depending on you, you have to be nimble, pivoting from what you know into what you don’t know, or what you may have moved on from, like when I was 15 years old and working as a cashier at the local supermarket in Hillcrest, Queens, where I spent my teenage years, living in my parents house. Now, now I live in my own apartment, that I pay rent for. In order to do that, the pivot has to be in play. That’s not something I’ve learned during this pandemic, that’s something I had to reckon with long before the pandemic struck. The rain today is a blissful reminder of the pivot, of how delightful being indoors is, listening to the raindrops, scouring through my apps, looking for something to watch, as background, while I gear up for my second summer semester, beginning on Monday.


So, I’m back. I’m back to blogging, I’ll be here blogging regularly again, as I continue to look for employment, and work on my book, and all the other things that keep the mind fertile, alive, excited in this game of survival.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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