Saturday September 20. What Would Ruth Do!

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Thank you Jenny Bellin for creating this pin and Diana Kane for selling it. I wake up today to check on the weather and I see that it is 50 degrees and I know that I am living in a simulation. My ex boyfriend, the one that really got to me, checked in on me. That’s how dire this loss is. I think too, how terrified she must have been to die, not for fear of death, but for its consequences. As I scrolled thru Insta, I found a quote, that she had said to her granddaughter: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” Think about the gravitas of those words. Even as she was dying, she was worried for the future. Even as she was fighting for her life, she was fighting for a reason outside of her. Even as she was dying, she was thinking about this country. Even as she was dying, she was concerned for the consequence of her own death. If you are not planning to vote in person, file now for the absentee version. If you haven’t submitted your mail in ballot application please do so now. Just go online and type in how do I register for absentee ballot. That how you can honor RBG.

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