Monday October 26. Go Vote.

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I treated myself to a long walk chasing those ten thousand steps and found myself in Washington Square Park. Look at all these people. All the NEw York people, where do they all come from?


I miss my friends. I miss the ones I meet for an impromptu hang in their homes and the ones who fly in from another city and or country and need a place to stay so they stay with me. I feel sad about the missed opportunities to see people when we had a chance to do so. I miss being around people. I miss seeing the faces of strangers walking by me. I miss gawking at the ones I imagine doing things to. I miss being around my chosen family, my friends of friends, by strangers standing in the dark watching a comic tell jokes, a band sing their songs, a movie playing on a screen. I miss hugs, like so many of us do.

Seeing everyone out and about makes my heart hopeful. On a sunny day like this one, all the glimmer that shines lifts me. Let It lift you too.


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