May 17. A Monday in 2021

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It’s been a long two months since I’ve posted. I’ve not stopped blogging or writing; it’s the posting that’s been on pause. The days are beyond full, all twelve hours filled to the brim with things, good things, but things. The final semester of college. The four drafts of re-writing Getting Over Max Cooper (coming in 2022). The full-time freelance gig. There has been so little time to think creatively; when those snatches of time do come in, I take to my JW Anderson knitting project, a gift from my dear friends, that I work on when my eyes are not spiraling; knitting, my one respite. And so, with so much on, there’s no time to blog.

However, in ten days, I graduate college. Last week, I was embraced by some of my friends for the first time in a long time. A hug, man, a hug is an emotion now. Also, last week, my book went from its copy editing stage to its next stage. And the job, the job thankfully is still going. And tomorrow, tomorrow, I fly to Fort Lauderdale, to visit my Mom, the first time we will be together since January of 2020 (which, ironically, was the first time I wore a mask, she’d given one to me and I posed in a photo wearing it, ha ha ha-ing, not knowing that a mask would be plastered onto my face just two months later).

I can hardly believe it, when I write all this. I will be seeing my Mom in just a day. Oh sure, I will be working on her porch while she watches the news at full metal volume, but, I will be able to hug her, to keep her company, to show her how to listen to podcasts off her iPad. It will be a short week of full on Karp time, but I’m here for it.

And soon, upon my return, I will get back to blogging. Because honestly, I do enjoy it so.


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