Monday. June 7th. 2021.

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I’m having a working stay-cation. Working full-time while staying at the beach, a ritual put in place some years ago. It’s quieter here in June. The one grocery store in town closes at 1, the ice cream stand at 1:30. If I’m in meetings until then, I have to ride my bike to the neighboring town, where the grocery store is open to a very late 4pm. Oh, sure, once July hits, hours will change, but I’ll be back on the mainland by then, face in front of my air conditioner, enjoying the respite from what awaits outside my window. Right now though, out my window? A view, a view of the Great South Bay of Long Island, a rather shallow body of water (I believe at its deepest, it’s about twenty feet), where jet skiers fly by, and stand up paddle boarders glide, and the lone swan hisses its way to a fro. It’s tranquility personified. I’ve read several books thus far, and right now, I’m reading “Stolen” by Katarina Rosenblatt, her harrowing memoir of surviving a sex trafficking ring. Maybe tomorrow I’ll resume my teen heist caper, but maybe I’ll just finish this book; everything is possible. That’s the beauty of a working stay-cation, every option that is available here is possible.


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