August 4, 2021 Seven Weeks

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It is my seventh week on the new job.

How is it going?

I’m here to tell you that I wake up each day feeling thankful to be welcomed into this place.

The balance of life and work are in alignment. Where the end of the work day is a finite hour. I can spend the evening with friends, or on my couch without jumping everytime I heard a “whoosh” emanating from my phone. My colleagues are bomb, I’m part of a team, I’m mentoring and learning at the same time. The work is challenging and thrilling but not suffocating.

Work for me is necessary. Bills as always are an impetus but also the mind, my mind needing its manna.

So here I am, seventh week, after a day “at the office.” All I really need right now is a proper chair to spend my workday in. You have any suggestions? I don’t think the Adirondack chair will cut it. Lol.


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