Senior Year. 2021.

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The move in begins today. My daughter travels to Boston in a car, driven by her boyfriend’s Mom and the man himself, the BF. Senior year. I’m as emotional about it as I was freshman year. This is the last hurrah of her higher education (for now). And so I reflect on what the years have been like this far. Her 4.0. Her legacy as the President of her improv troupe. joining other organizations and acting in plays and finding her voice as a standup in Boston. Declaring her major (Comedic Arts, it’s a valid major!) Encountering people who were not New Yorkers. Finding her friends. Meeting her first love. Spending half of her sophomore year and the whole of her junior year indoors and making it work. I’m so proud of her resilience and her determination and very much verklempt about the experience itself for her. And so as she moves in and settles down into her senior year, I’m cheerleading here from the sidelines, ever in support, with full heart.


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