BARB is a site for Ladies Likes Us. Ladies who likes clothes and shoes and bags and cosmetics and oh, feminism. Ladies who like other things too. Ladies who are post-Rookie, pre-death. Ladies with lives filled with numbers like 401ks, 529c’s, Stage 4’s.

Ladies with economic power, social distortion, midlife revelations. Ladies who want information along with their entertainment.

Ladies who are visibly older looking yet live the life of their inner girl. Ladies who are thankful their twenties are over.

Ladies who are alive, baby, despite what the driver’s license may say otherwise. Ladies who wonder what the male gaze fuss was all about. Ladies in the midst of a dry spell, a sexual awakening, a constant array of Tinder moments. Ladies raising children, Ladies who are child free, Ladies embracing their empty nest. Ladies who feel anger and fear and lust and joy.

BARB is for all the ladies, ladies like us.




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